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Day 37

Asprihanal about to perform his Parrot impressionHot and humid and something of a recovery day.The race has stabilised into a holding pattern after 5 weeks… Read More »Day 37

Day 36

Stutisheel and his daughter Nastia Very humid day today. Overcast almost the whole day and a T-storm that began at 7:30 a.m. and finished at… Read More »Day 36

Day 35

Sri Chinmoy looks at the daily results with Ted Corbitt and Race Director Rupantar LaRusso 94 laps again today. We will see in the morning… Read More »Day 35

Day 33

Stutisheel hit the 2000 mile mark today and Srdjan has already dropped into the 3 digit zone: the long countdown has begun though it is… Read More »Day 33

Day 32

Darticus, Trishul and Karen I didn’t mention Dr.John Rousseau who kindly dropped by the race yesterday and gave me a Chiropractic treatment. Also, later in… Read More »Day 32

Day 32

Cool temps and T-storms and a particularly difficult morning finally amount to 92 laps. Srdjan hits 2100 and Asprihanal reaches 2000 miles.Its getting harder to… Read More »Day 32

Day 31

Chanakhya and myself.Having a helper makes a big difference and I have been very fortunate in having Chanakhya to help in the evenings. Chanakhya has… Read More »Day 31

Day 30

This is how the start looks every other morning. Today was fairly hot. Srdjan continues his tremendous progress with Asprihanal in second. Today I only… Read More »Day 30

Day 29

Suprabha Beckjord Today was another improvement for me as I hit 100 laps again and also today there was the halfway point at 1550 miles.Temps… Read More »Day 29

Day 28

Finally I figured out how to put pictures here. This is the Indian festival last Saturday that kept us entertained all day.The weather was almost… Read More »Day 28