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Day 28

Finally I figured out how to put pictures here. This is the Indian festival last Saturday that kept us entertained all day.
The weather was almost perfect today and we had a close shave with a T-storm and escaped with a light shower.
Yesterdays 80 laps improved to 92 today – still slow but re-inforcements have arrived from our Czech, Slovakian and British friends who are extremely generous. Many thanks.

Tim Kourounis dropped by today to say hello. Tim is one of the most dedicated ultrarunners I know. He travels all over the USA and abroad running ultras.

1 thought on “Day 28”

  1. Hi ABICHAL,since i have discovered your site and your blog i´m again closer to the race. GRATITUDE for putting up the effort not only to run but to keep us informed and close to the race this way.KANALA is coming soon, if you need some more reinforcement let me know. i will send it through him.ONENESS-GREETINGS to all the RUNNERS!hubert

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