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Day 49

Server problems beyond my control have been preventing me from updating this journal but now it looks like those problems have been resolved. Srdjan Stojanovich,… Read More »Day 49

Day 45

The Server is down unfortunately so this is a draft. Hot day again but somehow we seem to be able to deal with it. Srdjan… Read More »Day 45

Day 42

Another good day for me. Finished with 104. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Weather is good. Humidity is ok. Using Brookes Beast shoes for the next… Read More »Day 42

Day 41

Martin MilovnikInteresting day in many ways. Received a little package from friends in Cardiff – many thanks to Fran, Roger, Steph and the crew at… Read More »Day 41

Day 40

Rainald Pobitzer Another hot day ads the heatwave continues but today went over 2100 and now have some 990 miles left – a three figure… Read More »Day 40

Day 39

Robert is having a great first race despite his current injury. Scraped into 92 laps again today. Tough day led to a massage from Vajra,… Read More »Day 39

Day 38

Tsvetan’s post coffee smile Hot hot hot!!! And humid. But no rain.Today hit the 2000 mile point for the third time in my life. At… Read More »Day 38

Day 37

Asprihanal about to perform his Parrot impressionHot and humid and something of a recovery day.The race has stabilised into a holding pattern after 5 weeks… Read More »Day 37

Day 36

Stutisheel and his daughter Nastia Very humid day today. Overcast almost the whole day and a T-storm that began at 7:30 a.m. and finished at… Read More »Day 36

Day 35

Sri Chinmoy looks at the daily results with Ted Corbitt and Race Director Rupantar LaRusso 94 laps again today. We will see in the morning… Read More »Day 35