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3 Weeks Later

Today it’s been 3 weeks since the race ended and I’m just getting back up to speed on the sites. As far as the race goes it was my best experience so far. It’s not so easy understanding what made it so, as there are so many variables involved. However I’m sure actually doing some training helped. That period in Bristol, running on the Cycletrack helped build the foundation there can be no doubt and I look forward to getting back there again.

I’m really inspired to train harder in the coming months and to try and get into a good enough shape to  reach the goal next year in the race – finish within 51Days.

Next race on the schedule is the 24 Hour Self-Transcendence Race in Tooting Bec in October. The RD, Shankara Smith, said that there were still a few spots left before the store closed for their annual August break. Looking forward to being there.

The Unknown

Part of the charm of the 3100 is  dealing with the Unknown.

6 Days Already

It’s been really tough. Since the first day I have had problems with my intestinal tract, knee pain and back pain and today progress was made on all three fronts and consequently have been able to run  today to cover the minimum 50 miles. Yesterday all the issues plus interrupted sleep led to me taking lots of sleep breaks and, as a consequence, didnt get the miles in yesterday.

Smarana has has another walking day as did Vlastimil yesterday and Petr was walking tonight with sore shins.  Lets hope he’s OK soon .

The Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2007

As Chanakhya said in his post, yesterday was hot. I was OK until 4:30 and then it began to unravel. I rarely have stomach problems but yesterday my boy was having trouble dealing with vast quantities of lquid and a steady flow of food and it felt like everything began to stack up  and for the next4-5 hours I felt like I lost my way.

We had some visitors on Sunday – Shishaldin of who ran in the 6 day as did Glen Turner who leaves today to take part in a running camp with Jesper Olsen in preparation for their North to South World Run in 2008. Also dropping in to say hi was Leitha Cruthirds from North Texas Trail Runners. Leitha is planning on running Hardrock in July

TodayI began the day with the benefit of Rego Nocte. I took it again tonight and will continue to do so and we will see what transpires. I felt the benefit of it for the first 2 hours and then reality returned and I had sore quads all day.

So todays big issue was a pain in my back just to right of my left shoulder blade. I think it stems from some abdominal weakness that makes me lean forward and has overstrained something out back. It wasnt quite so bad when I ran faster so thats what I did but that put extra strain on my quads and by the time i finished tonight my knees were sore. I put some Arnica on tonight so we will see how the morrow goes – cooler by all accounts.

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine.

So I made it to New York and now am getting the final details sorted out on a sunny Saturday here in Queens New York. I ran the Self-Transcendence 2 mile race this morning in a leisurely 17:00 minutes. Easily my slowest ever time. But it was catch-up time with friends and I just wanted to be there with ‘normal’ runners for the last time. Many of them will be running the Fathers Day Marathon in the morning. The race starts a little after the 3100 has got underway and runs adjacent to the course so there will be lots of runners in the area.

The news and links on the race will be found on the blog at Sri Chinmoy Races

I will try and post some thoughts and notes as and when I can, here on 51 Days and Chanakhya will also post on the main section. Last year I spent a lot of time at night online and my sleep suffered accordingly so this year I won’t be maintaining the front page as much. If anyone wants to send news then email it to or sign up to create your own account and post your relevant news. It’s free and quick.

Have a great summer and we’ll back with normal service in 51 Days (or s0).

Last Long Run

Its been a sporadic training period – always seems to be that way. Today ran 4 hours out over Boars Hill, Abingdon airfield and out toward Frilford and Tubney and coming back via Appleton and Cumnor and into town along the Botley Rd and then alongside the river through Osney down to Donnington Bridge.

The weather was very warm and even though I filled the Camelbak 80% full (80 ozs) I had to get another .5 litre on the Botley rd and still got a Lucozade Sport of another .5 l for the final 100 yards home. A lot of liquid and when I finally took a pee there was a tiny amount of urine and dark yellow – dehydrated. Also took a geo-bar and some Fruit Gums and there came a point after 2 hours when I felt extremely hungry and wished I’d bought a whole lot more nibbles. I knew it would happen. I can’t imagine how hungry I get to feel until it happens. That’s reality.

Also weighed myself this week and I’m down to 175 pounds that’s at least 5 pounds less than when I finished the 3100 last year. That’s a good thing.


Finally got in a long one again on Sunday. It rained almost the whole time but it wasn’t really a big deal though toward the end I could feel my feet starting to take a bit of a beating. My thought then was, well this is what it will be like soon so this is a little taster.

The route I took was up over Shotover Hill, through Wheatley and then out toward Great Milton, Stadhampton, Denton, Garsington and home to Oxford. I miss the Richmond park atmosphere but the Oxfordshire countryside has a powerful quality to it that is unlike anywhere else in the UK. Having said that, it’s not so easy to create interesting routes on the fly. I had to spend some time looking at an OS map to find a 3-4 hour circular run because some of the smaller roads are not runner friendly especially some roads that have no footpath.

The post title refers to Rain Quotient. We all have our quota of rainy days. Runners have a sub-category of running-in -the-rain-days and Sunday was where I got a good% of this years quota in.

I have not been filling in the log book lately. It’s not always as easy as it could be. Consequently I have run a lot more than has been recorded though not the big miles I was a running in Bristol. Now its just over two weeks until the 3100 starts again and I’m making plans to get myself organised on time and not so worried about mileage anymore, it’s almost all over now.

Sopan has a new site that is well worth a visit though he won’t be running this year

Changing Rhythms

This last week I have had the great pleasure of being able to run in Richmond Park in South London. It takes about 1.5 hours to circumnavigate at an easy pace and the views and ambience are awesome considering the proximity of Central London.

This weekend is the Self-Transcendence 100k race which incorporates the National Championships. I hope to be there as it should be a very interesting event.

Checkout the Sri Chinmoy Races site for more details.

Also the guy I met dragging a wheel along the cycleway to Bitton has alnost reached his goal. Checkout his site for details.

Back up to 2 Hours Again

It’s a relief to be able to run for two hours again and not have to worry about whether or not I’ll be able to run tomorrow. Taking a few days off has got it sorted and also raised the energy levels again and got me thinking about the next expedition. Yesterday we ran along the BBC, this time we started in the centre of town and ran to Mangotsfield Halt and back. The path was quite quiet on the way out – most people were either running or watching the London Marathon I guess. We saw the women off before we left. On the way back though there were lots of cyclists and  a big crowd at the start of the path were just about to set off as we returned – it’s a popular route.

Lessons Learnt (hopefully)

Thursday I walked for an hour and a half and this morning I ran for an hour and a half with no problem. It seems to have healed. Tomorrow will try an easy 2 hours.

The weather is still warm and dry – it hasn’t rained in these parts for about a month now and everywhere the Spring growth has slowed to a halt at the lack of moisture.

Tomorrow is also the London Marathon and there was hardly anyone out running today. Everyone ‘s resting as they should. One thing that was in the paper this morning was the news that the organisers pulled the plug on the Rotterdam Marathon as the temps got quite high and it will be fairly warm in London for the race. One thing I didn’t see was any advice to hydrate before the race. It seems pretty obvious to me that for most people, a marathon puts a tremendous stress on their bodies. Lots of advice to carboload and usually one spreads that process out over the final 3 days before the race but an amazing amount of fuss has been made over hyponatreamia which, although something to bear in mind, is extremely rare. The hydration process should go hand in hand with the increased carbohydrate consumption. Most people don’t drink enough anyway but it’s really important to flush the daily toxins we create, out. During the 3100 mile race, when it’s seriously hot, the runners can drink 5-6 gallons of liquid throughout the 18 hour period and even on a cool day its going to be at least a couple of gallons. The final week before the race I gradually start to adjust my diet to reflect what it will be dealing with during the event.  Gathering supplements, vitamins and minerals is essential for maintaining the body in good stead for the stressful conditions that the challenge of the race presents. gettining into the frame of mind where a constant awareness of how the body is processing it’s liquids will go a long way in making the experience an enjoyable one and will also facilitate post-race recovery.