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The Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2007

As Chanakhya said in his post, yesterday was hot. I was OK until 4:30 and then it began to unravel. I rarely have stomach problems but yesterday my boy was having trouble dealing with vast quantities of lquid and a steady flow of food and it felt like everything began to stack up  and for the next4-5 hours I felt like I lost my way.

We had some visitors on Sunday – Shishaldin of who ran in the 6 day as did Glen Turner who leaves today to take part in a running camp with Jesper Olsen in preparation for their North to South World Run in 2008. Also dropping in to say hi was Leitha Cruthirds from North Texas Trail Runners. Leitha is planning on running Hardrock in July

TodayI began the day with the benefit of Rego Nocte. I took it again tonight and will continue to do so and we will see what transpires. I felt the benefit of it for the first 2 hours and then reality returned and I had sore quads all day.

So todays big issue was a pain in my back just to right of my left shoulder blade. I think it stems from some abdominal weakness that makes me lean forward and has overstrained something out back. It wasnt quite so bad when I ran faster so thats what I did but that put extra strain on my quads and by the time i finished tonight my knees were sore. I put some Arnica on tonight so we will see how the morrow goes – cooler by all accounts.