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Finally got in a long one again on Sunday. It rained almost the whole time but it wasn’t really a big deal though toward the end I could feel my feet starting to take a bit of a beating. My thought then was, well this is what it will be like soon so this is a little taster.

The route I took was up over Shotover Hill, through Wheatley and then out toward Great Milton, Stadhampton, Denton, Garsington and home to Oxford. I miss the Richmond park atmosphere but the Oxfordshire countryside has a powerful quality to it that is unlike anywhere else in the UK. Having said that, it’s not so easy to create interesting routes on the fly. I had to spend some time looking at an OS map to find a 3-4 hour circular run because some of the smaller roads are not runner friendly especially some roads that have no footpath.

The post title refers to Rain Quotient. We all have our quota of rainy days. Runners have a sub-category of running-in -the-rain-days and Sunday was where I got a good% of this years quota in.

I have not been filling in the log book lately. It’s not always as easy as it could be. Consequently I have run a lot more than has been recorded though not the big miles I was a running in Bristol. Now its just over two weeks until the 3100 starts again and I’m making plans to get myself organised on time and not so worried about mileage anymore, it’s almost all over now.

Sopan has a new site that is well worth a visit though he won’t be running this year