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Day 8

The temperatures rose higher today but fortunately the humidity is still fairly low. The 10 day says that there will be t-storms and rain for… Read More »Day 8

Day 5

Martin and Pranab are continuing their great start to the race, though others struggled a bit today. Hans Jurgen has shin splints and was also… Read More »Day 5

Fix You

I dont know how I missed it but I’ve only just become aware of this song.In a moment of desperation today I reached for my… Read More »Fix You

First Day

So thats it. Day 1 for me yielded 124 laps. Madhupran and Kauranga got off to a great start

Last day

Pictured are Chanakhya and Shishaldin, who both ran the 6 day race in April/May and came to checkout the course yesterday.The weather is still cool… Read More »Last day