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Day 29

Srdjan hit 2000 today amid heat and a Handball Tournament. The playground also seemed extra busy. I managed 93 laps today after a good couple… Read More »Day 29

Day 28

Great day. 100 laps and still alive. The recovery is underway. Today will show how things have improved. The weather has been great although this… Read More »Day 28

Day 27

Today I felt like some corner had been turned even though I only managed 83 laps. Yet those laps were finished in a much more… Read More »Day 27

Day 26

“Tonight half the cake has been eaten” said Rainhald, as I prepared for my final lap of the day. It seems to have come very… Read More »Day 26

Day 25

My problem with my quad/ham issue continued slowing me even further to 80 laps. Rathin experienced a similar kind of mileage day.The morning rain was… Read More »Day 25

Day 24

One of the reasons for this blog is to enable me to remember what happened after the race is finished.Today was not a good day.… Read More »Day 24

Day 23

The day number gets confusing as sometimes I post in the morning and cant think without coffe in my blood. So, another roaster, though it… Read More »Day 23

Day 21

I’m not sure what day it is anymore. I know it’s Sunday. It was very hot today and humid – just like they predicted.Madhupran ran… Read More »Day 21

Day 20

Perfect running conditions helped everyone today except for a storm just before 9. Its getting hard to write at night at the moment and emotionally… Read More »Day 20