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Light in the Dark

Well, maybe it’s not really that bad but could only manage 50 miles today. The morning was ok but in the early afternoon my knees gradually began to seize and by late afternoon I was getting concerned enough to consider a return to the matrix. Suprabha and Rathin lapped me depressingly often and continued to do so all evening. I had this problem last year as well as the same back issue. I don’t remember how I fixed the knee thing, which could be a real help now. I took some Iron, Adrenal Support and a couple k of Vit C but they’re still very stiff.

Chanakhya said that I was ahead of my mileage in previous races which is good.

Problems: Knees, blisters

Severity: 8, 2

Temps: moderate, cool in the eve

Mood: Thank God for the Matrix