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Day 62

Suprabha and Chakori

The 2005 Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race will end when Suprabha crosses the finish line at approximately 10:30 on Sunday morning.

The temperature is said to feel like 97 degrees this afternoon and an hour ago I took this shot of Suprabha stuffing ice into her cap to keep her head cool as she continues her journey to her steadily approaching goal.

Able to relax for a few minutes I listened to the cicadas in the trees with their wave-like whirrings while the ground is littered with dry, brown leaves in what was the medical area, shaded now in the late afternoon sun. Suprabha, passes by with 76 miles to go, alone now in her seeking to reach her goal of a ninth consecutive finish out of nine editions of this race plus the original 2,700 giving 30,600 miles in total. This is a race that reaches beyond the minds ability to comprehend into the ever-presence of the heart which feeds the life-quest of the being. And all this on a concrete sidewalk a litle over half a mile long in the heart of Queens, New York.

Day 61

Sarah and Suprabha

Suprabha moves closer and closer to her finish in tough conditions. Todays high was 95. Tomorrow will be a little cooler but humidity is still on the high side – 50% now and 70% tonight and possibly 80% tomorrow.

This race has been different in many respects from the previous races that I have run. As well as there being a record number of finishers, the race founder Sri Chinmoy has made regular visits to the race to encourage the runners. This race is a spiritual exercise as well as a physical challenge and this brief excerpt from a talk on Self-Transcendence illustrates the point.

“There is a royal road that leads to self transcendence. That road is our surrender, our conscious, unconditional surrender to the Will of the Absolute Supreme.”
Sri Chinmoy

Day 60

A very happy Martin Milovnik finished the 3100 mile and 5000 km distance tonight.This makes him the 12th finisher and during this race went beyond 870 miles for the first time. Martin had a great race and checkout his mileage chart on the Sri Chinmoy races site and you can see clearly how it went for him.

Some people manage to run the race and not get any injuries. That itself is a miracle. Plus all the male starters finished except for Kuranga who stopped after Day 3 – everyone else weathered the storms, inner and outer to make this the most successful edition in the race’s 9 year history.

Our thoughts and attention turn at last to Suprabha who had accumulated 2944 miles when this shot was taken. She will finish on Sunday morning after a long race which began with her only having run once since last year due to a knee injury. Her strength, faith and determination make Suprabha indeed the 3100 Queen.

Day 59 – 5000 km’s later

3100 miles and 5000 km completed this morning. My part in this play has ended and now I am a spectator encouraging the remaining runners to their goals. Later this afternoon Robert, pictured here this morning, will reach 3100.
The weather has changed over the last few days since the intense heat and humidity finally broke. There is a dryness around the course. Leaves are falling in the breezes from the Plane trees which are the most common trees around the course. The grass by the school has largely turned brown and the playing field in the photo is losing its greenness. It hasn’t rained much recently – a blessing for the runners feet, though most blisters have healed up by now.

Day 58

So, many thanks to all the crew members especially to Chankhya who has devotedly and at his own cost, brought me a cup of coffee and a muffin every day for 2 months. Sri Chinmoy was present at the finish to my great fortune and I truly feel gratitude at being able to complete this race, his vision, for the second time.
Tomorrow I will finish the extra laps to reach 5000 km.

Day 57

Rathin makes it home.

Four of us left and I finish the day with 78 laps to complete to make it 3100.

Day 56

Trishul finished his 5000 km in the morning just before the 2 mile race. Rathin moved closer to the Golden Shore as the crowds subsided and the camp enters a peaceful stage. Saturdays are usually quiet in the neighborhood.

Day 55

Three finishers today. First up was Pranab who roared around the track for a few hours this morning shortly before Stutisheel crossed the line for the last time, this year. Late tonight, about 11 p.m. Trishul Cherns celebrated his third finish with Dart the dog and a few friends gathered to honour the great Canadian runner’s tremendous achievement.
In the house today was Pradhan who came from Chicago to help us out in medical and got me going again.

Day 54

Big surprise today when Pranab caught up to Stutisheel. Hot day and 3 people scheduled to reach 3100 miles tomorrow. Bodies getting thin on the ground now that 5 have finished yet the energy was great today.

Managed 103 laps today in a brand new pair of Brookes Beast. The sole on the shoes is very durable on the rough concrete and last about a week. A little heavy but highly recommended for this kind of event.

Pranab getting serious

Day 53