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Day 59 – 5000 km’s later

3100 miles and 5000 km completed this morning. My part in this play has ended and now I am a spectator encouraging the remaining runners to their goals. Later this afternoon Robert, pictured here this morning, will reach 3100.
The weather has changed over the last few days since the intense heat and humidity finally broke. There is a dryness around the course. Leaves are falling in the breezes from the Plane trees which are the most common trees around the course. The grass by the school has largely turned brown and the playing field in the photo is losing its greenness. It hasn’t rained much recently – a blessing for the runners feet, though most blisters have healed up by now.

1 thought on “Day 59 – 5000 km’s later”

  1. 5000Km – A modern day epic.You definitely deserve a good cup of coffee and muffin. Hope you get chance to rest the feet for a little while.Thanks for sharing your experiences, can’t be easy after running for 16 hours a day.

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