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The Award Ceremony

The 2005 Self-Transcendence runners

With the race founder Sri Chinmoy

Srdjan Stojanonich receives the winners trophy

Sri Chinmoy gave a short talk to the runners and one of the things he mentioned was the importance of smiling. Recently Sri Chinmoy said that a smile meant new energy and new life and this could help the runners when they were feeling a little down.

Todays pictures courtesy of Adarini Inkei

1 thought on “The Award Ceremony”

  1. Congratulations to all runners , and gratitude to the Guru Sri Chinmoy to prepare such great athletes. You all are the real examples for generations.I wish the spirit of self-transcendence to spread all over the world.- Arun from New Delhi, India.(who likes to run in 700 miles next year).

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