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Day 54

Big surprise today when Pranab caught up to Stutisheel. Hot day and 3 people scheduled to reach 3100 miles tomorrow. Bodies getting thin on the ground now that 5 have finished yet the energy was great today.

Managed 103 laps today in a brand new pair of Brookes Beast. The sole on the shoes is very durable on the rough concrete and last about a week. A little heavy but highly recommended for this kind of event.

Pranab getting serious

2 thoughts on “Day 54”

  1. Hi Abichal!I have just checked out your Blog; what a great service to the (runner)readers. I don`t know how you have the guts to do that, while being in the race.

  2. Hi Abichal,I really pity I came across your blog this late during the 3100 miler. It is so nice to read notes and look at pictures for every day of the race, even when it is one sentence or one paragraph. How do you get power to do this everyday while running in the race? Impressive!Blazej

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