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Day 3 – Reaching The Goal

Another extremely hot day and fortunately at some point today it seemed as though the humidity backed off some what before returning this evening. Consequently I went into survival mode and crawled until 5 minutes to midnight. This was a seriously tough day and I had to settle for 50 miles which is still no joke, regardless of what I think about it – it’s a long way. Kuranga was having some problems today and again, Pranab was first to leave after getting in his miles not sure how many but he is looking very strong.
Trishul, Rathin and myself are holding the 3100 Commonwealth Championships. Trishul did 101 laps today.
A lot of kids from Thomas Edison High are drawing to the end of their term. Some of them remember us from last year.

I’ll weigh myself tommorrow to see if there’s any good news.

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  1. Richard Pettinger

    HI Abichal, Good luck!I’m amazed you also have time to write a weblog. I shall be reading it to see how you get on.

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