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Day 20 – Almost 3 Weeks Already

Pranab and Martin are extremely grateful to their friends in Zlijn for responding so generously to their shoe plight. It is remarkable that a new pair of shoes can be worn out in just 3 days.

So today with lower temperatures the running was a little easier for most people especially for Rathin who had an excellent day and earned his 3 Commonwealth points and Srdjan is still powering away at the top of the board.

I would like to offer thanks to Dr. Pradan Balter who flew in from Chicago for a few days to straigthen us out. He left today and hopefully will be back in 10 days or so. I have also been wanting to offer my appreciation to the race staff who work tirelessly to keep us happy and moving.

1 thought on “Day 20 – Almost 3 Weeks Already”

  1. Abichal,Great job! Everyone seems to be doing well. It looks like you will be facing temps in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s for next week. Not terribly hot 🙂 Matt

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