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Day 15

How and why things occur is not usually for us to know. Quite often we can explain an event… after it’s happened. We apply theories based on our understanding of what’s happening but few are true prophets. Maintaining a steady pace will eventually bring the miles – its pretty simple. What actually happens is a little different and quite often the steady pace is an elusive creature that can only be embraced for short periods and max potential is not realised. Trishul came back to the race this year having enjoyed a rest last summer and came prepared to do battle with various sponsorship deals and a hired helper as well as Kaarin, his wife and his dog, Dart. Blister-free socks, blister-free insoles, surgical customisation of shoes and 20 years of ultra and multiday experience help make Trishul an expert. However for the umpteenth time he developed a deep blister that slowed him up for three days. Today he came up with a new explanation and cure. It seems he was able to detect heat on his heel and applied strips of Aloe Vera to the affected area and cooled it down.

3 thoughts on “Day 15”

  1. Abichal,Keep up the Great work Man. Your doing fantastic! Please give a Canberra G’day to Rathin as well!Phil

  2. Greetings Abichal!Thank you for such interesting commentary. I wish we could watch the race on a live webcam! Say hello to Suprabha for me as well! Good job in the race so far. You will do great! Best,Matt F.

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