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The Stars Are Alive And Nights Like These, Were Born To Be, Sanctified By You And Me

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During the recent British Ultra Fest at Radley College there were a few nights I was on the night shift. As the lighting levels were low I was afforded a view of  clear skies several times. The night sky represents, for me, at least to some extent, the unknown. Looking at Haryaksha’s work I felt the intensity of his sky packed with living stars and at the same time in the Saguaros, physical processes of life – again a collection of unknown (to me) yet living dynamic processes.
The backdrop to this is that I am reading a lot of Sri Aurobindo at the moment and in particular his writings about the veil of ignorance we live behind, our perception of ourselves and forces around us.

Thank you Haryaksha.


From: The Pan Within by The Waterboys

Put your face in my window
breathe a night full of treasures
The wind is delicious
sweet and wild with the promise of pleasure
The stars are alive
and nights like these
Were born to be
sanctified by you and me
Lovers, thieves, fools and pretenders
and all we gotta do is surrender…