Into Things – The Beginning

Into Things – The Beginning

The chicken and the egg conundrum can only be resolved by looking at the situation from a higher perspective. The Inner Journey Home – The Soul’s Realization of the Unity of Reality by A.H. Almaas is a comprehensive look at deeper aspects of our being that we can refer to as our soul.

“What is the soul, and how do we come to know it? What is its journey in life, and what stages and obstacles are encountered along the way? These questions are explored here in detail according to the Diamond Approach, a spiritual path that combines systematic inquiry into personal experience, the practice of traditional spiritual methods, and the application of modern psychological research.”

The industrial machine has no place for a soul. It has very little place for individuality apart from being a unit of production. How do we discover ourselves when we are constantly being distracted and misled by a society manipulated by the people and forces that maintain the fabric of the social machine?

The feeling that things are not quite right, that there is surely a way for us to live without constant war and aggression, a way for us to exist without being at the mercy of greed and fear.

There are wise people in the world, we only have to slow down, stop, listen and absorb what they are saying for us to have a deeper insight into our own nature. We can’t smell the flowers when we whizz past on a train. We have to stop and connect with the flower, inhale its fragrance and let that fragrance permeate our being.

Peace does not mean the absence of war.
Peace means the presence of harmony,
Love, oneness and satisfaction.
Peace means a flood of love
In the world-family.

Sri Chinmoy