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Rest Is Over

Tomorrow I’m going to run again. Well, make the attempt anyway. At least half an hour in the morning and then hopefully walk some as well.

This week off has let me focus on transcribing interviews that have been hanging around for ages. An interview with Tarit Stott that’s two years old is finally being worked on. Also I’m working on redesigning the Ultrarunning World magazine into the Multiday Running magazine format as that’s what works or has done in the past however slow that’s been at least it’s happened. I’m renaming the magazine Multiday and Ultrarunning World and I hope I get it finished before I leave Colombia.

But I’m not holding my breath and neither should anyone else… Some people have been waiting for ages for the last magazine. Its kind of hard to stay on top of everything when I live such a transient life. I have my magazines spread across five different hard drives and three different computers and I only have access to one of them right now.