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On The Road Again

Today was a long run, after not so long on Sunday and yesterdays rest day. I have been wanting to head up towards the Severn Bridge for some time to see how long it would take to get to the Old Bridge. However todays route took me off the map I had so I kind of got lost a bit. Not seriously lost, just uncertain when I came to a junction. However help miraculously appeared on cue and directed me up the road to Easter Compton.

Not a very inspiring section that Avonmouth to Severn Beach road – industrial zone with all kinds of evil in the air. Like the ad I saw which said something about 85% of pollution is not visible to the naked eye. Doesn’t feel a healthy place despite the surrounding vegetation. So by the time I got back, just over 5 hours had elapsed. It wasn’t a fast run and there were several places where I was ‘uncertain’ about which route to take but just past Severn Beach I saw a sign that said Bristol to the right 16 miles and Bristol to the left 11 miles. So I’ll take that.

I drank about 1.5 litres of water and Hi5. It was very cool coming up th A403.