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Multiday hosting is a feat in itself

Counters came from Florida

One of the main reasons that there are so few multiday races is the amount of logistics involved. Hosting a multiday event requires a crew of people to take care of all the details necessary and there are a lot of man hours to cover especially in the 3100. Running time for this years race amounts to 1138 hours. For most of the race this required 2 counters at all times to record the runners laps. The counting day was split into three shifts.
Three Race Directors split the day into 3 shifts. There were four cooks preparing three meals a day. They also made soup and snacks between lunch and dinner and late evening snacks as well. Plus of course miscellaneous items that visitors brought and ice cream. The RD’s made sure that the water table was always stocked with water in cups which had to be imported in large containers several times a day plus snacks like fresh fruit and cookies, chips etc.

To bel be continued.