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Multiday hosting is a feat in itself Pt 2

This was the tenth year of the race on this site. The first race was the inaugural 2,700 and since then as the number of runners has increased so has the nature of the facilities provided also evolved. In this years race there were three vans that have been kitted out with a bed and lockers for daily gear storage carpeted of course. On the roof was a retractable awning that served as shelter from the sun and from the storm. These customisations were carried out by Bipin, pictured here. There are also two trailers attached to vans. One contains chairs, tools, cooler, ice and food storage and the other was the medical trailer where the foldable benches were stored. At midnight everything was broken down into smaller parts, stored in the vans and driven off for the night and brought back at 5:45 the next morning. Breakdown required 3-4 volounteers each night to ensure a quick getaway after the long shift.
4 Porto-sans had to be organised and taken care of and Bipin fitted a small sink to the end one and runners were able to keep hands clean. Very important.
Medical care was provided by a small but dedicated group of personnel. Pradhan, Vajra, Tejaswi, Mitch, Aklanta and a crew of ladies who took care of Suprabha everyday.
Then their was the website updates that Sahishnu took care of when he got home after the evening shift and the results that we recieved each morning of the previous days progress.
Permits from the Parks dept. and the necessary paperwork/permissions that can take Sandhani a lot of running around plus accomodation for the runners all summer. Then at the end of the race there’s the design and production of the t-shirts, awards, certificates, photo albums.

This level of support has been a hallmark of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team races over the years and is unparalled.