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Monday, Monday

Bit sore this morning and didnt seem to get any better throughout the day, nevertheless I was determined to get into action mode again and crank out the miles so finally about 7:30 I squeezed out the door just in time to see the sun set over the Downs. It’s surprising how far north the sun has moved – it only seems to have been a few weeks ago when it was way further south.

There were lots of young people around the Downs last night and the energy was a lot higher than I have experienced before but then again I haven’t really been there at that time before.
To get some extra miles in I ran over the Clifton Suspension Bridge and finally down ti the locks before the rise back up Bridge Valley rd. It was well dark by this time but I had some groovy tunes to see me home and by this time I felt well oiled and all the soreness had wahsed away. That was very encouraging.

So Sundays run was a few minutes short of 6 hours so I made up the difference and still had 1.5 hours plus.