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Lucid Dream Induction – Dream Recall

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Dream Recall
Dream recall is significantly enhanced with intention, practice, and focus. Making a persistent effort to remember and to record your dreams will help align your waking mind with the dream state. The dream state is state dependent experience and once you arrive at that state it is easier to remember previous dream experiences and conversely by extending the dream state into the waking state in a controlled manner will enhance not only the recall of imagery but of the state of consciousness in which that imagery occurred

Just before sleep, browse through your dream journal or think about dreams you may have had in the past or maybe what you would like to happen in the dream as you begin to make the transition from wakefulness to the next state. At this point it is a good idea to get some idea of what is taking place as one makes this transition. Usually as the mind turns in on itself and the outer noise begins to subside images are generated from the days events our worries and anxieties, our joys, our sorrows. This is known as the hypnogogic period. Clearly suggest to yourself to remember any dreams when you wake day or night.

When you wake, keep your eyes closed, gather as many images, feelings or impressions as you can, then rise and immediately record them using a bedside journal or tape recorder, no matter how brief or vague they may at first seem. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can remember as you write. Be patient, and persistent. Although most people start having success the first week or two, dream recall is a mental muscle that may require some time to get back into shape. Trying too hard or being too serious can limit your progress.