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January – Time To Get Serious

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Bitton Railway Station is handily positioned at the 10 mile point on my Bath to Bristol Cycleway route.

A couple of weeks ago I ran 20 miles. It’s been a long time since that happened and even though was a little sore and tired afterwards, I still felt good and happy to have had that experience. Getting back into a regular routine is taking a long time and I get it together for a few days and then there is a break as my attention gets consumed by other projects. Running has been down to once or twice a week/ten days for quite some time now but recently the urge to run has been growing again.

Yesterday I ran for an hour up on the Downs and am planning on running again in a few minutes for an hour again. Tomorrow there is a Parkrun up at Ashton Court so  that will be 2 plus hours of running. Using shorter races to give myself little stations along the way will, I hope, give me some further inspiration.

I have an account on Fetch and they have useful tools for keeping a training log. Also a nice little tool to map my route so today I found out how long my basic route is and how long it takes. It turns out that its almost exactly 5 miles and today I made sure it was a standard run against which to compare other runs. Today took 49 mins as opposed to yesterdays run where I stopped to stretch and massage my calves and which took 54 mins.

Even though it seems a little slow for the effort, its not so much the time I am concerned with as with putting the miles in on a consistent basis. Lately I have had all kinds of ideas to help stretch the envelope and get some long runs in. The weather is quite mild at the moment so we’ll see what happens over the next few weeks.