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Good Mileage

It’s been a pretty good week so far running 1½ tired hours every morning and the last two days run for over an hour each afternoon as well. Last Sunday ran to Boquia  again only this time I didn’t run up to Salento. I’m saving that treat for next week. The
Boquia run is about 3½ hours or just under. I had a little water break at the store and spoke to the guy that works there. I didn’t hang about much this time though on the way back I completely ran out of gas and I realised I should have taken something to eat at the store. Half way back there was a tiny store and I got some Chito’s and some candy to see me home. The weather was really warm though not too hot but still humid.

With a generous allowance of 9½ minutes a mile I’m up to 80 miles at least tonight, leaving me two days to run 20 miles. As long as I take it easy and don’t get injured I should make it beyond the ton again this week. I’m still feeling really strong, not tired and the only sore spot is from a little thigh chafing.