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Exploring Bristol

Tonight again I left it till late before I made it out. I left about 7 and planned on a 2 hour session along the BBC. However I would be running back in the dark and I wasn’t sure how that would go, so then I remembered I’d wanted to follow the BBC back into Bristol, back to its source. So that’s what I did except I didn’t find an absolute start – the path just kept on going and eventually, by following the river, I rejoined a route at the Cumberland basin where I was last night. By this time that was a 90 minute journey so I knew it was half an hour from the Clifton Suspension Bridge (CSB), back across the Downs and home.

Felt fairly strong, which was good. Weather was also quite mild. That’s 5 days in a row that I’ve run. It will be good to get a streak going now for the next 2 months.