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Day 62

Suprabha and Chakori

The 2005 Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race will end when Suprabha crosses the finish line at approximately 10:30 on Sunday morning.

The temperature is said to feel like 97 degrees this afternoon and an hour ago I took this shot of Suprabha stuffing ice into her cap to keep her head cool as she continues her journey to her steadily approaching goal.

Able to relax for a few minutes I listened to the cicadas in the trees with their wave-like whirrings while the ground is littered with dry, brown leaves in what was the medical area, shaded now in the late afternoon sun. Suprabha, passes by with 76 miles to go, alone now in her seeking to reach her goal of a ninth consecutive finish out of nine editions of this race plus the original 2,700 giving 30,600 miles in total. This is a race that reaches beyond the minds ability to comprehend into the ever-presence of the heart which feeds the life-quest of the being. And all this on a concrete sidewalk a litle over half a mile long in the heart of Queens, New York.