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Day 60

A very happy Martin Milovnik finished the 3100 mile and 5000 km distance tonight.This makes him the 12th finisher and during this race went beyond 870 miles for the first time. Martin had a great race and checkout his mileage chart on the Sri Chinmoy races site and you can see clearly how it went for him.

Some people manage to run the race and not get any injuries. That itself is a miracle. Plus all the male starters finished except for Kuranga who stopped after Day 3 – everyone else weathered the storms, inner and outer to make this the most successful edition in the race’s 9 year history.

Our thoughts and attention turn at last to Suprabha who had accumulated 2944 miles when this shot was taken. She will finish on Sunday morning after a long race which began with her only having run once since last year due to a knee injury. Her strength, faith and determination make Suprabha indeed the 3100 Queen.