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Day 4 – Guarantee

There are few guarantees in this sport. Toeing the starting line is to dance with the unknown. The intense heat of the last few days, having more impact because of the cool Winter/Springf, gave way today to cooler drier weather coming off the Ocean some 10 miles South of the course. Too late for Kuranga who departed yesterday and will be missed.
Last night I had to work very hard in the last few hours to get to 92 laps and my knees were sore this morning resulting in a very slow day with little to show for the days work. However Pradhan, the medical man had diagnosed constipation as a probable cause. That situation seemed to resolve itself at the end of the last lap of the day… so all was not lost.
The runners laps are counted and given as they pass the counter station and this is the most relvant information we deal with. Consequently we look at the scoreboard only occasionaly so I didnt get a look to see what’s happening at the top of the board today. Assisstant Race Director Sahisnu is doing the Marathon Team website updates and a great job it is too. He doesnt finish until after 1 and is in work before 7am. It does look as though I’ve hit the bottom of the table at the moment as Suprabha overtook me today and that brings me back to the title of this post. I wont be last. Guaranteed.