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Day 21 – Three Weeks Already

I began the day with a new pair of shoes after finishing the previous night in a very worn down pair which had made my legs ache considerably. New shoes are usually traumatic to the feet and legs – there is an adjustment period while muscles, tendons and ligaments re-align themselves to the new situation. This is why it’s good to change shoes every few hours so that sore spots don’t develop.
By 10 a.m. I was exhausted and ground to a halt and had to take a break, after which I thought my day had been wrecked as I still had a lot of discomfort. But as the morning wore on, I was able to keep some sort of pace. The day finished on an excellent note, not only did I hit 100 but am not too beat-up. It seemed impossible earlier on and now seems to be a minor miracle.

The weather is perfect.

Weight: 178 lbs