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Day 12 – As It Is

Top of the list of runners is Srdjan looking very strong. He has settled into a pattern that is maintaining his lead. He is followed closely by Asprihanal who is having to work quite at the moment. He has opened up a gap on Smarana who has been suffering from shin splints for the last week or so yet has been putting in some solid performances as his recovery continues.
Rainhald is having a great race keeping close to 111 laps everyday. Stutisheel had a special day yesterday, Wednesday, and looked better today. Tsvetan is the quietest of the runners and trails Stutisheel closely and has a little breathing space over Trishul who has been suffering from killer blisters which can lead to other problems but today he had a better day.
Robert has also been doing well as was Pranab until he was hit by shin splints but is gamely trying to overcome the condition and today had his best day for some time. Rathin is leading the backpackers, Abichal, Suprabha and Martin who has had an injury to his foot slow him down but again this is making progress. Suprabha seems to be gaining strength and we wish her contiued success.