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Day 21

I’m not sure what day it is anymore. I know it’s Sunday. It was very hot today and humid – just like they predicted.Madhupran ran… Read More »Day 21

Day 20

Perfect running conditions helped everyone today except for a storm just before 9. Its getting hard to write at night at the moment and emotionally… Read More »Day 20

Day 19

Reached 1000 miles today. Madhupran has continued his recovery with 131 laps.

Day 18

Day 18 began in a furious storm with high winds and rain lashing the camp and the runners and prevented runners from accumulating their usual… Read More »Day 18

Day 16

Madhupran hits 80+ miles and Asprihanal completes a week of 70+ miles. It’s tremendously inspiring to be with these runners.

Day 15

Asprihanal moved into second place today with another awesome performance – 80 miles despite some heavy rain showers early in the day.

Day 14

Camp was abuzz tonight as Asprihanal took the days honours with 79 miles – 2 laps or so ahead of Madhupran and cutting the gap… Read More »Day 14

Day 13

Madhupran reached a 1000 miles tonight, about 10:30 ish. Srdjan escaped tonight on 903 and Asprihanal had another good day to maintain third spot. After… Read More »Day 13