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Bristol – Bath Cycleway

The Easter weekend has been accompanied by very pleasant weather in Bristol and my popular routes like the Downs and the Bristol Bath Cycleway are awash with people taking advantage of the weather and the holidays. The BBC is turning greener day by day and families throng the path along the way to Bitton where there is a Train Museum. Sundays sees a working steam engine running up and down along three miles of track pulling several coaches including a restaurant. A real step back in time.


Going to Bath I took the CamelBak which holds a 100 oz and a half litre of Hi5 Energy and some Squeezy chews, however I set out too fast and by the time I got to Bath was feeling the effort. The weather was relatively hot with little wind and clear skies. I lost a lot of salts which I could feel on my face in the last quarter of the run and had slowed considerably in that period feeling pretty wiped out.

On getting home and discussing the recommended usage of Hi5 wondering if I should be using more and less water and using more electrolyte. “When all else fails – read the instructions” that classic mantra reveals what the manufacturers suggest. I guess I’m reluctant to take their word’s for truth but I guess it’s in their interest to make something that actually does what it says on the label.
Well there’s another long run coming up in a few days so we will find out shortly.