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Basic Downs Loop

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Its a miracle that this blog still exists after all that happened to the site last August and since. Its been a long time since I posted anything so this is a synopsis of the situation. I had a problem develop in Athens a few years ago whilst trying to maintain my 100km a day goal at the end of the third day. I had to take an enforced rest due to my foolishness and every race Ive participated in since then has featured a 24 hour period where I was incapacitated or disabled for some period. This happened in a susequent Athens event, Norway and last year in Hungary.
After Hungary which was in May and which I walked for the whole 6 days, I decided to rest it and ended up running about once a month due to my job as a postman I was still able to maintain “runner status”.
This year I will be able to take part in the Italian 6 Day in Policoro if I get my act together. To that end I have started running again to try and get into some kind of shape and to see how my knee will respond. I will probably go and see a physio to try and prevent a re-occurrence of anything untoward. Thats the current plan…

Most of my runs are a 5 mile loop plus running home from work occasionally. The plan is to keep it at that level and to increase the frequency of the runs back up to five a week plus the long run. I havent been keeping track of my runs for a few years now but that is a good thing to encourage sustained activity.