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Face off: NB856 vs Asics 2100

I have been running in New Balance for years now with occasional head turns in moments of panic.
So my last long run was something of a surprise when I ran 10 miles last Sunday in the Asics to discover the personality of the shoe. Not only is it a smaller, lighter shoe but it is a faster shoe. It’s design makes me want to run fast. The NB is a heavy shoe for the heavier runner and have lots of support in the places that a big, heavy runner moving slowly will need: Its a slow shoe. This is a real revelation. I am a little on the heavier side, last weigh was 180, but the usual reason I wear the 854/856’s is because of the awesome comfort they provide especially during a race. They break in very quickly and the cushioning lasts. My only problem is the heel wear (see Sept. 16th) which means the shoes last no more than three days. Somehow I have to develop a new style that minimises this drag. It will save me hundreds of dollars.