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Good Week

Thursday 22 February

It’s been a pretty good week so far running 1½ tired hours every morning and the last two days run for over an hour each afternoon as well. Last Sunday ran to Boquia again only this time I didn’t run up to Salento. I’m saving that treat for next week. The Boquia run is about 3½ hours or just under. I had a little water break at the store and spoke to the guy that works there. I didn’t hang about much this time though on the way back I completely ran out of gas and I realised I should have taken something to eat at the store. Half way back there was a tiny store and I got some Chito’s and some candy to see me home. The weather was really warm though not too hot but still humid.

With a generous allowance of 9½ minutes a mile I’m up to 80 miles at least tonight, leaving me two days to run 20 miles. As long as I take it easy and don’t get injured I should make it beyond the ton again this week. I’m still feeling really strong, not tired and the only sore spot is from a little thigh chafing.

North Armenia

Friday 23 February

It was raining again this morning when I left home at 8:30, though the worst of the rain fell earlier so it was just a persistent drizzle. I’ve been listening to my mp3 player the last two days – my how the time flies. I kind of feel like it’s cheating because when I get engrossed in the music I don’t notice the laps at all… duh. But the point is that running without the music teaches one how to deal with running 2½ minute laps for an hour and a half every morning. I experience all kinds of noises from my mind, subtle and not so subtle trying to influence my thinking and one cannot allow these things to have any input during the long races. It is not an option. During the race I listen to music sometimes if I get down at all. The songs I have are a range of moods but I have a few tracks that can pump me up again if needs be. Of course this is not the real answer but sometimes it can get me over the hump, so to speak. Especially when I’m tired. Later in the day. This reminds me of some super moments I’ve had late at night when some kind of ecstasy has flooded me with energy and I feel like I can run forever as fast as I want. Those moments are rare but will never be forgotten.

Anyway, the sun has come out and I can see blue sky for the first time in days. I also have to say that the mountains behind Armenia are awesome in their beauty and majesty. They rise fairly steeply and there’s always clouds around the lower peaks so the high peaks are invisible on a day to day basis. I have only seen the highest peak once or twice since I’ve been here. I’ll take my camera and try and get some shots and upload some photos for you all.

The second run was for just over an hour. The chafing was getting annoying so I didn’t extend it too far and took a few photos of the hills to the North-East of the city. The sun was setting and so by the time I got to within a kilometre of home it was quite dark. It was rush hour though and kids were piling out of school and people were going to church and going home from work – the traffic was hectic.North Armenia