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Long Run

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Yesterday morning, Sunday June 28th, was a reminder of where I am and what is going on in my running life at the moment.

I had been wanting to get out earlier on Sunday mornings to take advantage of the peace to be found at this time of the day before most of the locality has woken up and begun to engage the world. Also because of the warmer temperatures it is much cooler earlier in the day and thirdly, the traffic gets heavy later in the day with many users cycling solo, as families and as groups.

Saturday I like to prepare for the long Sunday run by hydrating and by having a large carbohydrate meal late in the evening. I ate a pasta meal early evening  and not really much earlier in the day to build reserves and also forgot to drink extra.

Sunday morning after a late night watching the delights of Glastonbury on tv and working on the laptop, I got ready hurriedly with less than 4 hours sleep in the bank, not eating anything before we left or drinking more than half a cup of water.