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20 km runs

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Last weekend I managed three 20 km runs in 3 days two at Ashton Court and one out along the BBC with Suswara. Since then I haven’t made it out which should be of some concern as I have signed up for the Gothenburg 6 day race in Sweden. The race is free to non-Scandinavians which is how I am able to go and of course thanks to Ryanair for their cheap flights. The race starts on August 30th at 09:00 and some great runners have signed up and will be great to chat with.I made a post on the front page of Pam Storey will be going as well. It will interesting to see how she gets on.

Assuming I make it to the start, this will be my first 6 day race and something I have been wanting to do for some time so I am looking forward to next Saturday.
I discovered my best 6 day split is 584 km but I have no idea if I will be able to run myself into shape enough to top that. I would be very happy with 360 miles right now.