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Ultrarunning Pages – June 7th – August 8th 2003

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Thursday August 7, 2003 20:55

Its all over. For me.

2747 miles and 52 days+14:59:37

Trisul, Suprabha will finish Saturday, maybe Sunday for Suprabha and Mighty Matt runs until the 13th. What an amazing experience. Over the next few weeks I shall share some experiences in the ultrarunning section of the site There are so many thank you’s to everyone involved

Wednesday August 6, 2003 0:20

About 50 minutes ago I reached 2,700 miles and that just leaves 47 miles tomorrow and then it will be finished.

Tuesday August 5, 2003 0:28

How does it feel…

Oh yes. Smarana does the business.

Monday August 4, 2003 0:16

Namitabha wins the 3100 mile race in a
time of 49 days, 2 hours, 24 minutes
and 45 seconds.What a great guy.

I can’t wait to see that little blue tape stretched out in front of me, probably reach my goal on Wednesday night, with luck and grace.

Monday July 28, 2003 0:17
Day 43

Matt reached 2000 miles today so we are all on the same page. Namitabha reached 2,700.

Saturday July 26, 2003 23:52

Day 42
Another great day that equaled Thursdays effort, thanks to the inspiration of Trishul. There is light at the end of the loop.

Friday July 25, 2003 0:21

40 days and tomorrow will have been 40 nights. Now I know. Cooler temperatures helped me to my best day since day 1

July 24, 2003

Yesterday reached 2000 miles amid high humidity. Day before, Chiropractor Dr John Rousseau passed by a gave me a quick treatment which saved the day.

Friday July 18, 2003 0:13

We are extremely fortunate to have the support of a pair of Chiropractors who have generously devoted time every week to come to the race and take care of our tired and worn out bodies out of the goodness of their hearts. Putting us back on the straight and narrow takes several hours and we are extremely grateful to Jamie Warren and to Jeffrey Garofalo, who gave me his card, for their kindness and oneness, we live to tell the tale. Jeff’s email address is

Tonight I reached just over 1700 miles and the days are going quicker. Matt has had an unbelievable day to take the days honours. Well done Matt.

Sunday July 13, 2003 23:58

15 minute interview with Abichal during early stages of 3100 mile race


Friday July 18, 2003 0:30

Oh Yes. It happens!

Sunday July 13, 2003 23:50

Made it to 1500 miles tonight, slightly easier day than of late.

Monday July 7, 2003 0:30


Monday June 30, 2003 0:11

Thursday June 26, 2003 23:56

The photo is from the start of the 2003 Self-Transcendence race and today is day 11 just completed and was I glad to finish today. Three hot days in a row and today the heat index was over a hundred. Matt has mostly recovered from his knee injury while Stefan is still on the recovery list. Today was graduation day for the students at Thomas Edison and the course was extremely busy all morning. There are thunderstorms and lower temperatures forecast for tommorrow.

Sunday June 15, 2003 0:01

This is it. Last post. Have a great summer and we’ll be back with a new looking in September.Don’t forget to check out the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team website for the updates for the race.

Saturday June 14, 2003 10:39

My hearts gratitude
The amount of support I have received has been tremendous and not least from the financial perspective as resources were low, not expecting this opportunity to arise. Subsequently, Sanjay Daid Dhanraj a local real estate broker has raised my entire entrance fee, $750 in less than a week from colleagues and family. Plus my good friend Ongkar Smith and his wife and daughters, athletic footwear specialists par excellence, who own the Run and Become stores in London, Edinburgh, and Cardiff have very generously offered shoes and accessories to ease my plight and concerns. Since the beginning of my running career Ongkar has always offered support unconditionaly and I am extremely grateful for his oneness. Many people have offered their good wishes and encouragement and I would like to thank you all here and hope I am able to utilise these gifts to their best advantage. Not least among my supporters are the Manager, Sahishnu and staff of the Smile of The Beyond, a friendly vegetarian restarant in Jamiaca, Queens, New York, who live above and beyond the call of duty, who share the same vision, and who shall never be forgotten as long as I have a functioning brain.

Friday June 13th

43 hours to go

The seven runners are:

Trishul Cherns (Cananda)
Suprabha Beckjord (Washington, USA)
Namitabha Arsic (Nis, Yugoslavia)
Smarana Puntigam (Vienna, Austria)
Matthew Boulton (Canberra, Australia)
Stephan Warum (Heidelberg, Germany)
Abichal Sherrington (Pontypool, Wales)

Today I’m shopping and tomorrow will be the last day of so many things for such a long time including this website….

Sunday June 8th

Well official. Just heard I’ve been accpted to run in the Self-Transcendence 3,100 mile race that begins a week today, June 15th. Check out my life as it unfolds on the streets of Jamaica, Queens at the Marathon Team site for daily updates

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