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The New Year 2009

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bridge_iceEverything seems to move in cycles and with the end of the year I feel a new impulse to return to the roads and trails and begin the long journey that will end again in New York in August.

Today is the third or fourth day in a row that I have run and though i am running slowly, right now its important to establish a streak and to make running again a regular habit.Right now I am in Ottawa in Canada and this is the coldest capital city in the world and as i write it is snowing outside and way below freezing. Currently 7F (-14C) it’s not too cold today – not as cold as it has been recently.

However the river Rideau is frozen over for long stretches and today I walked from side to side across the thick ice.

river_through_trees1Running is not so easy in these temperatures as the paths along the river are not ploughed. Streets are pretty clear though which is good when cold but when it warms up and the snow melts and then re-freezes at night, the city gets an icy glaze that is difficult to navigate. Not so many runners are to be seen these days.