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Sri Chinmoy’s poetry, aphorisms and meditations

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Poetry has always been Sri Chinmoy’s first choice, as a natural medium for expressing mystical experience. His poems express a broad range of spiritual emotion, from the doubts and fears of the wavering pilgrim to the blissful realisations of the illumined master.Now in his early seventies, Sri Chinmoy has been writing and creating poetry since he was a child. Born in Bengal, in what is now Bangladesh, he learned English and his first poem was The Golden Flute. Since that time he has become most prolific and today the count is some 85,000 poems prayers and aphorisms, but more important is the vision that Sri Chinmoy communicates through these modern mantras and meditations.The essence of his philosophy can be felt by immersion into this magical sea he has created as an offering to aspiring humanity.

His current project is a mammoth series of poems called “77,000 Service-Trees” some of which can be found online at Sri Chinmoy A large selection of his poems can be found at and at Sri Chinmoy

A selection of my favourites will be reproduced on these pages.

Sri Chinmoy
Sri Chinmoy