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Saddle Up

Back in the Saddle
I left about 9 to jog around my local route but there was an event taking place with lots of people so I decided to run a loop up to the north of town and back. It was quite warm and humid again.

Running isn’t very popular here in Armenia. I only saw one other person on the road. I took a slight detour off the main road near the university and I saw a large swimming pool with only two people in it and next to that – a cinder track. There were maybe a dozen people there, not many at all. I have to see if I can use these facilities.

So I ran up to a roundabout that marks the end of Armenia, for me anyway and in the middle of the roundabout is a steam train. Big old machine painted black. I don’t think there is a railway in Armenia so it’s not something that was used locally.

Anyway the roundabout leads north to Pereira south, in to the centre of Armenia and east bypasses the north side of town. This route brought me home in 1:04. No sign of any problem though my knees were complaining more than they have for a while. I think my host is feeding me too well and with a week off running I probably gained something. But no problems is very good. Tomorrow we’ll stretch it out again and see if 2 hours is ok.