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There are many things that need to be done before the race starts and this last two weks will be filled with preparations to ensure that I have clear and direct access to my bed. My small room is normally filled with junk and all that has to go. Routine is important so I don’t have to waste time when I get back each night and it usually takes the following form.

First thing is shower.
Second task is to lance the blisters.
Thirdly I soak my feet in Epsom salts whilst I eat and check my email…
Its important to eat as the metabolism is usually doubled after a few days and vast quantities of food are required to maintain energy output more than can comfortably eaten during the day. There’s no time to sit and eat a meal. All eating is done whilst walking away from the camp in a 80 yard stretch unless there’s ice cream of course. Everything stops for ice-cream.

Usually the last thing I do before closing my eyes is take homeopathic Arnica or Bioplasma and hopefully it is not yet 12:30 a.m.