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Plans and Rucksacks

 This morning I planned to be brave and try and run to Calarca, a nearby town and venture some way up the long steep road which winds through the mountains to Bogota – a seven hour ride away. I didn’t get very far when the backpack I am using started chafing severely around the neck. It will need a little re-designing before I will be able to use it.

So instead I went back to my normal route and added a stretch of road that heads up to the north of Armenia and back which took me over the two hour mark for the first time.

The weather is humid here and relatively comfortable – it must be in the 70’s to early 80’s in the morning but its often cloudy so doesn’t get too hot. Pretty much ideal conditions.

My hosts are taking me to the mountains for the day so I may not get to run tomorrow but if I can maintain 2 hours plus a day next week, I will be approaching the Golden Gate for the first time in ages. Fingers crossed.