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Ottawa Self-Transcendence 2 Mile Race

  • by logoThis post is by way of celebrating several things that happened today beginning with the 2 mile run along the Canal. Due to various events taking place this weekend, only Caitlin and I were at the starting line this morning. I thought it was going to be a solo performance and I rolled up early, for a change, yet something stayed my feet as I waited and waited not knowing what the time was and not knowing why I was waiting until I looked up and saw someone running overhead on the bridge looking down.

Company changes things. It turned from a solo jog into a situation where I had to try my best. It usually turns out that way anyway but now there’s an independent witness. It wasn’t a competition, I wasn’t racing Caitlin but she helped bring that something to the fore a little quicker. I ran 14:28 and Caitlin ran 20:03 a little slower than last week but as I haven’t been running much lately, anything will do.

The other thing is that this blog has moved today from its old stomping ground in a sub directory as a separate instance of WP to its new location – its own subdomain on Its hard to figure out how many people actually read this poor specimen of a blog but now the website has the capacity to create blogs I am extending an offer to runners who would like to keep a free running blog – sign up and create their own space on