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Last Long Run

Its been a sporadic training period – always seems to be that way. Today ran 4 hours out over Boars Hill, Abingdon airfield and out toward Frilford and Tubney and coming back via Appleton and Cumnor and into town along the Botley Rd and then alongside the river through Osney down to Donnington Bridge.

The weather was very warm and even though I filled the Camelbak 80% full (80 ozs) I had to get another .5 litre on the Botley rd and still got a Lucozade Sport of another .5 l for the final 100 yards home. A lot of liquid and when I finally took a pee there was a tiny amount of urine and dark yellow – dehydrated. Also took a geo-bar and some Fruit Gums and there came a point after 2 hours when I felt extremely hungry and wished I’d bought a whole lot more nibbles. I knew it would happen. I can’t imagine how hungry I get to feel until it happens. That’s reality.

Also weighed myself this week and I’m down to 175 pounds that’s at least 5 pounds less than when I finished the 3100 last year. That’s a good thing.