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Last day

Pictured are Chanakhya and Shishaldin, who both ran the 6 day race in April/May and came to checkout the course yesterday.
The weather is still cool which is good – gives a 10 day forecast predicting temps. in the mid 70’s, although there will be some rain about.

Yesterday I bought a Creative MuVo and we will see how it holds up to the rigours of the race. I have been wanting to get an iriver but they’re still a bit pricey.

I will be going in to the race with some new shoes. My basic stash is
Asics 2100, I have 6 pairs of those,
Asics Evolution
NB 856
NB857 2 pairs and
Brooks Addiction,
plus odds and ends lying around. The 2100’s last about 3-4 days and hopefully the others a little longer. I will probably need 1 or 2 more pairs at the end of the race.

Run and Become in Victoria, London have been very supportive and generous and I am very grateful for all their kindness.