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Hours That Seem Like Minutes

It seems to be the case that whenever I step outside of the normal routine something appears to warp time. Either it speeds up and it seems almost impossible to get things done or time slows to a crawl and drags along interminably. The former seems to be the most frequent state I’ve been in recently. The poetry magazine got rolled over, the handbook didnt get a look in and the latest MR magazine did not roll off the printer, the websites didnt get moved onto Plone yet I still didnt have time to do all the training I wanted to and was totally busy all the time.
Thats what it all boils down to and nowhere is it more practicable than the 3100 mile race. Certain things have to happen. They happen in a certain order and in a particular way and making the best use of time and resources requires a plan! Yes, a magic wand. The key is Energy Management and this will be a important issue over the next 2 months.
Trishul has hired a helper and also has a friend coming to help with Chiropractic adjustments or something like that. These two things alone will give him a lot of help and enable him to remain focused on his objectives for longer periods of time. It’s not only physical but also psychological support that one gets from helpers that enables one to get more from a given situation, helps you think when your brain has switched off, reminds you of your goals when you’re taking a longer break and just taking care of the basics is an enormous help.
However some people don’t have these issues or at least appear as if they don’t and are able to stay out on the track for long periods moving quickly – the elite runners – but behind this is a solid framework of doing what has to be done in the most efective way in the least amount of time.
There is no substitute for speed but persistent effort and maintaining standards will bring results. Pretty basic really. When you’ve got that down, that’s when the hours seem like minutes.
I weighed in today, 190, and we will be keeping an eye on what happens there.

8 hours to go. I wish all the runners good luck and may we all realise this dream.