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Fix You

I dont know how I missed it but I’ve only just become aware of this song.
In a moment of desperation today I reached for my new MuVo and one of the first tracks that came on was Fix You. Its starts kind of slow, then there’s a guitar bit, then there’s this Moody Blue’s-ish harmony section. I played it again. And again, over and over for about an hour. I took a break and came back out and continued to play it until a quarter to midnight. Now I’ve just found this on YouTube. I can’ t put my finger on what it is but its about loss and separation and a bleeding heart. I’m a sucker for bleeding heart music. I call it Mourn.
Anyway today was another slide toward the bottom of the barrel. My back was killing me yesterday and today was a replay… until…

Anyway short term solutions sometimes help and I eventually made it to 100 laps. As did Rathin as it turned out and Suprabha scored 101 which is a good sign. Madhupran has established a lead over Kuranga. Hans Jurgen has shin splints but still managed a good day. Stutisheel finished strongly tonight.